Destroyer – Poor Love

February 9, 2011

The thing I love most about Destroyer’s “Kaputt” is the distinct mood that it creates. I’m not quite sure how to label this mood, for it is not happy, nor sad, but it is something that I have not seen in music in a while. Maybe if I had to label it as something, I would say something between dreamy and druggy (even those two terms go hand in hand most times). Theres a lot of watery guitar rifts, 80’s drum beats and sexy saxophone solos. But what intrigues me the most about this album is its reflective nature. “I was poor in love/I was poor in wealth/I was okay in everything else there was/Oh, I was poor in love.” I’m not sure if Dan Bejar is commenting on his own life here, but it sure make me wonder whether or not I was poor in love… For this, “Kaputt” is valuable. (Kaputt was added to the Loved List with a rating of 8.6)