Girls – Love Like a River

September 27, 2011

Girls have grown a lot since their first, self-titled LP. While in a Pitchfork interview and talking about the improvement the band have made in the past few years, Christopher Owens states, “I was really self-conscious about some of the lines. Like how I say the first line of “Lust for Life” in this snotty voice: “I wish I had a boyfriend.” When I hear it, I don’t even think it’s me sometimes.” As you can tell, Girls really put on a show for their first album. They had a very unique identity, but for me it didn’t seem real. It felt forced, and as we can see, it was forced. With their new LP, Father, Son, Holy Ghost, Girls have a much more authentic sound. There’s nothing really like “Lust For Life” in this album, but that’s not a bad thing. Instead, we have a true rock album that reminds us of The Beatles (compare “Love Like a River” with Oh Darling), Deep Purple, Paul Simon and more. This is not something we are able to say everyday while listening to music.