The Black Keys – Lonely Boy

October 27, 2011

The Black Keys sound is inherently cool. It just is. Whether they’re hitting hard, making you want to dance around with a bottle of Jack in your hand, or slowing things down, making you want to cry your eyes out in a grassy field (with a bottle of Jack in your hand), the Black Keys aren’t going to turn anyone off. But now they’re reinventing themselves and they’re doing it all backwards and sideways. Instead of introducing some radically new sound, they are introducing you to this lighter, wittier and sillier version of what we only knew as the quiet drummer who sort of looks like that mouth-breather who sat behind you in math class and the less-shy front man who has an inexplicable amount of soul for a little, white guy from Ohio. This song (video here), the first released off of new album, El Camino, indicates that the carefree, tongue-and-cheek attitude they demonstrated on Brothers isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, these genius idiots just might be who the Black Keys really were this whole time.