Gonjasufi – Nikels and Dimes

November 21, 2011

For Sumach Ecks, also known as Gonjasufi, it’s all about the vocals. His desperate, raspy whispers and croons reek of both malaise and desperation, as if Gonjasufi can’t find the will to get out of bed, and so, he sings. On tracks like “Nikels and Dimes,” he compliments his unique vocal stylings with a pretty haunting mix of precarious synth and manic drumbeats. It’s great low-fi hip-hop/rap, but to classify it as such would be to sell Gonjasufi short, for Ecks is more than a just a vocalist or a beat-maker, but also a vibe-weaver who is capable of evoking a feeling and mood unique to his music. Gonjasufi’s upcoming LP, MU.ZZ.LE is set to come out on January 23rd.