Air – Seven Stars (ft Victoria Legrand)

December 13, 2011

For a long time, subtlety has reigned supreme in the world of indie-rock. Sure, we wanted powerful messages delivered in emotionally riveting ways, but we wanted those messages delivered in beat-around-the-bush whispers. If something was too overt, too easy or too bombastic, it wasn’t just uncool, but flat-out distasteful. These days–the days when M83’s epic arena-indie-rock double album is topping the charts–we are beginning to value bombast again. We want ambitious, epic tracks that attempt to be so big and do so much that they are bound to collapse on themselves. Air’s “Seven Stars” is one of those tracks, meant to be played in rooms more like the Sydney Opera House than your proverbial dive bar. The dark piano chord that opens “Seven Stars” evokes a kind of all-enveloping darkness that might be found on a Wagner prelude, then a Green Day era baseline joins in, followed by a wild Neil Pert-ian drum line. In short, this track is all over the place, and the point is, that’s exactly what most of us want and crave right now.