Alex Winston – Everlasting Light (The Black Keys cover)

December 18, 2011

The Black Keys’ sound is inherently morose–you know, in that tongue-and-cheek Black Keys sort of way. It’s blues-rock, so obviously it going to be full of nothing but bad women, too much drink and crippling heartbreak. But on this cover of “Everlasting Light”, Alex Winston takes the predictably pained moans of Dan Auerbach, and manages to find the threads of hope underneath all the hurt. With a few subtle changes in the arrangement and an injection of warmth and sexuality from Winston’s vocal croons, the song becomes evocative of an entirely different emotion. What was once desperation for love becomes a celebration of it. What was once a cry for another becomes a sigh of emotional relief. It’s an ambitious cover, considering Dan Auerbach’s wails have become as much a staple of the indie-rock landscape as, say, Bon Iver’s falsetto or Ezra Koenig’s Paul Simon impression, but one that succeeds on first listen.


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