Charlotte Gainsbourg – Anna

December 20, 2011

It’s hard to separate an artist from their work, but in the case of Charlotte Gainsbourg, it’s even harder than usual. Her history as a public figure in France and, more recently, on an international level, imbues her work with a sense of intrigue even when it isn’t really aspiring to be anything much more than a fun and formulaic pop song. Take “Anna” for example: there isn’t a whole lot to it–a catchy guitar riff, a few interesting vocal harmonies and Gainsbourg’s breathy delivery–yet, because we know the source of the track, it feels somehow worthy of our auditory attention. It’s not that we should listen to Gainsbourg simply because she is an interesting cultural personality, but that it’s impossible to not see her music as a manifestation of her lifelong fame, and when viewed through that lens, her work is afforded a more layered depth.


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