Charlotte Gainsbourg – Paradisco

December 1, 2011

There has been a lot of time devoted to trying to figure out what makes Charlotte Gainsbourg so damn likable. Musically, there’s little doubt that it has something to do with her albums’ unapologetic simplicity. “Paradisco” finds Gainsbourg monotonically singing somewhat unintelligible lyrics over a pretty basic disco-pop drum beat. There’s a few surprising guitar licks here and there, but it’s clear Gainsbourg isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel on this one. That’s just her style; she simply finds a comfortable generic space where she knows she can succeed, inhabits it and makes it her own. Sure, it’d be fun to see Gainsbourg challenge herself and explore the area outside her vocal comfort zone, but for now, jams like “Paradisco” certainly are fun enough to scratch a certain itch.


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