Dodos – So Cold

December 5, 2011

The trick behind The Dodos is their calculated messiness. It’s not exactly organized chaos; it’s more like Meric Long and Logan Kroeber haphazardly throw and spit paint onto a canvas, never exactly deciding that a project is finished but rather simply stopping when they run out of gas. That’s the Dodos style–wildly energetic, unmediated and raw low-fi folk-pop.

Visitor was the album that best captured their sound’s youthful vigor, but No Color illustrated that the Dodos can still tap into that their old chest-pounding ways. “So Cold” was left off of No Color, and though it is a really fantastic track, it’s understandable why they chose to cut it; sonically, it probably would have messed with some of the continuity achieved on the the album. But with a fuzzed-out blues guitar riff that would make Dan Auerbach proud and another one of Kroeber’s unbelievably manic, head-spinning drum beats, “So Cold” is good enough to have some serious value even when experienced outside the context of an album.


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