Emika – Drop The Other

December 30, 2011

The trick of Emika’s self-titled debut album is that its guttural darkness manages to feel genuine, raw and spontaneous, even though it is so clearly the result of a deliberate and thorough process from a very smart artist. It’s the craftsmanship that’s so impressive: Ema Molly, also known as Emika, demonstrates an understanding of when it’s time for her haunted factory dub-beats to take center stage, and when it’s time for her to step into the spotlight. She recognizes that the dub-landscape in which she is playing is just as much of a character in this story as she is. It’s this respect for the absolute sonic power of the proverbial dub-bass that makes tracks like “Drop The Other” such a success. Torn in several generic directions, this song has all the menace that makes the rest of the album so darkly delicious, but it also contains some pop and hip-hop tropes that make it strangely accessible and familiar. And that’s what makes Emika such an intriguing young talent–her ability to draw on any generic device she needs to best compliment her dub-step foundation.

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