In One Wind – What Seems To Be

December 26, 2011

Before Bitte Orca, the longtime knock on David Longstreth and the Dirty Projectors was that they created music that was so angular, so devoid of symmetry and so plainly challenging that it rendered their music cold and impenetrable. It’s a trap that In One Wind would be in danger of falling victim to if their production wasn’t incredibly tight and their sound so wildly endearing. Led by vocalists Angelo Spagnolo, Mallory Glaser and Samantha Rise, the brooklyn band hops, skips and jumps their way through a tune, so genuinely excited to get to where they’re going, that it seems they might forget that we’re tagging along for the ride. But, if you can keep up with these conscious celebrators of life’s small, idiosyncratic beauties, then the reward is more than simple auditory satisfaction, but some good ol’ ammunition for the soul. “What Seems To Be” is truly microcosmic when it comes to In One Wind–they squeeze so much into three and a half minutes, it’ll have you questioning time’s objectivity, and yet, they get away with it because of the brightness that hides behind Glaser’s whispers and Spagnolo’s schizophrenic composition. For more, check out their website here.