James Blake – Love What Happened Here

December 9, 2011

A sure sign of a good artist is hearing a song you’ve never heard before, and recognizing that it’s them before you even have time to process what’s really going on. The texture and cadence of James Blake’s synth melodies are truly unique to him–utterly irreproducible in a way that allows you to identify that “Love What Happened Here” is a James Blake track from the very first note. It’s his sonic watermark–the stop-in-your-tracks POP of his synth and the off-time schizophrenic drum-machine beats. And, a special treat, is the jazz organ he throws in on “Love What Happened Here,” with a funky baseline for good measure. This is the title track off of a three song EP that seems to be Blake and his buddies just having a good time within the confines of their post-dub, electro-pop genre.