Lana Del Ray – Born To Die

December 4, 2011

Love and death are the catalysts behind all art; they are the unelucidatable common denominators of the human experience–the mysterious driving forces behind the instinct of expression. To overtly tackle those themes and do it in a way that isn’t off putting, an artist has to possess a certain sense of self-importance that could often be classified as kind of insane (think Kanye West). Lana Del Ray is an artist who seems so unafraid of taking creative risks that it’s unclear whether she’s unaware of her audacity or just doesn’t give a shit. It’s the orchestral opening of “Born to Die,” the ridiculous rippling American flag in the background of her video, the seductive but vulnerable stares she gives the camera, her wildly confident monotonic vocal delivery and, of course, the nudity. She’s bold, and her boldness makes her actions and words feel important and worth our time. “Born to Die” is and ambitious track with an ambitious title. Lana Del Ray pulls it off and makes it look like she was barely trying.