Memoryhouse – The Kids Were Wrong

December 27, 2011

Dream pop, when done well, should have you feeling a totally intangible, unidentifiable nostalgia. It’s not that it makes you miss a certain time or place, but that it’s a genre that functions under the assumption that at some point, somewhere, things were better than they are here and now. In short, it’s a genre defined by the brightness that can be found in the process of longing. Memoryhouse, like Tennis or Beach House, evokes those resigned feeling of want–the pit of your belly sensation of romanticized expectations going unmet. On “The Kids Were Wrong”, Denise Nouvion’s vocals float a few inches over the arrangement, a collection of sun-kissed guitar licks, ABC bass lines and pop drum-beats that feel as though they were written for a weekend at the beach. It’s a simple and formulaic song, but that’s not a knock on Memoryhouse, in fact, it’s just a sign that they understand how to succeed under the confines of their genre.


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