North Highlands – Steady, Steady

December 12, 2011

North Highlands is a band whose recent exposure and success makes a lot of sense when you look at the current generic landscape of indie-rock. They sound like some strange female-led incarnation of Real Estate, maybe with a little Tennis and Vampire Weekend thrown in there. But just because North Highlands’ nook in the generic spectrum is easy to point out doesn’t mean they are predictable or unworthy of our olfactoric attention. On “Steady Steady,” Brenda Malvini sings with total composure, but also with a sense of urgency, as if she’s worried she might run out of time before she gets it all out. It’s a light track, as Malvini says at one point, “Not too fast, not too serious,” but a rewarding one nonetheless because, sometimes, this is exactly the kind of song you find yourself in the mood for.


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