Nujabes – Prayer

December 6, 2011

It’s strange how art is suddenly transformed when the artist who produced it is no longer around to be inextricably tied to the work. Jun Soba, a well known DJ and hip-hop producer in Japan, died last year in a car accident, leaving behind an album called Spiritual State. The fourteen track jaunt is chockfull of jazz-infused hip-hop that’s slathered with a malaise and melancholia that takes on a whole new shape in the wake of Soba’s death. “Prayer,” one of a handful of instrumental tracks on Spiritual State, toys with a dark ethereality that is more than a Nujabes trademark but a part of Soba’s sonic identity. It’s a simple tune with just a few samples over an ominous piano melody, but it’s tune that you just may be whistling for the rest of the day.

Nujabes Spiritual State