Radiohead – The Daily Mail

December 21, 2011

It’s strange to post a Radiohead song on a site like this–you can go just about anywhere else to find the latest tracks from what is arguably the most ubiquitous indie-rock band in the world. But, upon first listen, posting “The Daily Mail” on Lower Frequencies felt totally obligatory, not just because the song absolutely rocks in a way Thom Yorke usually doesn’t, but because this song is so clearly the manifestation of Radiohead coping with the current indie rock landscape. It’s not that, with this track, Radiohead is compromising their sonic identity in any way–“The Daily Mail” is anything but a capitulation or a proverbial white flag. But to not recognize just how much the success of bands like The White Stripes, The Black Keys and The National (to name a few) has changed the way Yorke and Co. write and record, would be to miss some of what makes “The Daily Mail” such an unbelievable track. Radiohead is after-all, as their name signifies, an absorber and synthesizer of the music world. And the fact that they are still, at this stage in their careers, willing and able to absorb, synthesize, adapt and experiment, is probably the sole reason they are still relevant.