The Bamboos feat. Megan Washington – The Wilhelm Scream

December 22, 2011

What made James Blake’s vocal performance so special on his breakout album, James Blake, sort of defies elucidation, but most people realized that something new was going on by the time “Wilhelms Scream” came on–in an oxymoronic way, we’d just never heard crippling vulnerability expressed with so much confidence and power. So, when you flip on a cover of this James Blake tune, it’s going to be hard to let go of how emotionally evocative the original version was. But, if you can let go, The Bamboos and Megan Washington–a big ol’ group of Aussies’–have thrown together a cover that sits somewhere on the generic spectrum between between funk and Fiona Apple’s version of baroque pop. It doesn’t possess the fear and urgency inherent in Blake’s version, but Megan Washington’s smooth-as-silk delivery, combined with the Bamboos trudging-through-the-mud funk, gives “The Wilhelm Scream” just enough swagger to make this cover work.