Tune-Yards – Party Can

December 8, 2011

Fuck words–tUnE-yArDs don’t really need them. It’s Merrill Garbus’ ability to use vocal harmonies the way expert dub-mixers use bass. She layers and layers until the melody reaches its breaking point, evoking a rising feeling of unadulterated joy that threatens to break you unless you simply give into it. That’s what this band is all about–giving into the joys of life. From W H O K I L L to BiRd-BrAiNs, Garbus has always dared us to look as foolish as she does, bathing in the proverbial sunlight of life as if no one was watching. It’s an attitude that can be written-off as childish or naive or just some hippie-dippie crap, but it should at the very least be recognized as brave. On “Party Can” Garbus is as primal as ever, chanting, hooting and hollering with the inhibition of a four-year-old. Don’t be fooled though–this brilliant lady knows exactly what she is doing.

Tune yards

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