Daniel Rossen – Saint Nothing

January 25, 2012

With both Grizzly Bear and the Department of Eagles, Daniel Rossen’s vocals always existed as a complimentary ingredient–albeit, a textured and complex one–in a rich sonic tapestry. In Ear Park was probably the album that most allowed Rossen’s voice to rise above the mix, but on “Saint Nothing,” we’re given a peak at something that feels utterly naked and exposed. The track consists of a piano riff and a touch of horns, but you get the feeling that, in this case, the instruments are merely stage-setters, outlining a canvas for Rossen to fill in with his darkly romantic croons. It’s a simple track, but one that demonstrates addition by subtraction, for sometimes you’ve got to strip down a few layers of mediation to access what is uniquely human. Silent Hour/Golden Night EP is due out March 20th.


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