Felix and Volcano! – Son Of Sam

January 12, 2012

The trick of Felix and Volcano! is that they’re able to keep things light without ever feeling trivial. It’s a tough high-wire act that starts with a keyboard riff that sounds like something you might have written while messing around on the $100 Casio that’s collecting dust in your parents basement. And it gives “Son Of Sam” a juvenile (not in a bad way) air until, suddenly, Sydney Bilodeau chimes in with heartfelt vocals that ground the track and turn it into something more than a couple kids fooling around on Garageband. Felix and Volcano! is somehow defined by the exclamation mark they daringly throw in at the end of their name–they recognize that their youth and their playful sound might characterize them as a fun band, but fun is no joke and, like this up-and-coming band, should be taken seriously.


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