Frankie Rose – Know Me

January 7, 2012

The confines of “shoegaze” can be suffocating to the point where you can barely distinguish where one song ends and another begins. It’s the nature of the genre–sometimes the wall of sound created by a couple of fuzzed-out, reverb-ridden guitars can begin to sound a little shapeless and faceless. But Frankie Rose manages to combine these classic generic tropes with enough surprises to make tracks like “Know Me” more than predictable, generic phone-ins. It’s nuggets like the 80s inspired, snare-drum heavy intro, the catchy guitar riff between verses and the direct yet ethereal vocals that separates Frankie Rose from her generic peers. Interstellar is due out in February, and if “Know Me” is any indication, it should be an album that rewards both those who bask in sonic familiarity and those who seek out the new.


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