Gonjasufi – The Blame

January 24, 2012

More than just a filthy beat-maker or a expert sampler, Sumach Ecks is a vibe-weaver, using his strung-out vocals and schizophrenic production to create an atmosphere full of the haze and malaise of a bad drug trip. Ecks crafts an entire sonic world where around every corner lies a new darkness, and each track serves as an invitation to his listener to delve deeper into the abyss. But, tracks like “The Blame,” are not to be feared; instead, listeners should bathe in the filth and grime of Gonjasufi, for the sad and abject parts of life are as much a part of who we are as the lollipops and rainbows. MU.ZZ.LE, clocking in under 25 minute, came out yesterday, and it is a concentrated distillation of the murky auditory elixir that is Gonjasufi.