Grimes – Genesis

January 6, 2012

Claire Boucher’s high-pitched, airy vocals often seem like no match for the sonority of the tracks they are gently laid over, and yet, somehow Boucher’s whispers are always what remains behind–like a good taste in your mouth long after you’ve swallowed. “Genesis” opens with some epic, 80s-nostalgic electro-pop, but doesn’t get stuck in the generic track of pastiche. Instead, it jumps from one sonic landscape to the next, the constant always being Boucher’s endearingly childish vocal stylings. It’s not exactly a catchy tune, nor a rewardingly challenging one, but “Genesis” illustrates the qualities of ethereality and youthful confidence that make “Grimes” one of the rising indie acts of the moment. The album, Visions, is off of 4AD, is due out February.


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