Lana Del Ray – YAYO

January 5, 2012

YAYO is a burlesque performance, a feigned display of performative and naive sexuality that hides a much darker and manipulative reality. It is by nature two-faced, but that’s what makes it all the more intriguing;we all know it’s a farce, including the performer, and yet, we can’t help but be entertained. That’s the realm that Lana Del Ray lives in, and you get the feeling that it creates a level of self-awareness that borders on destructive–Del Ray doesn’t just hate the player, she also hates the game. On YAYO, her delivery is not so much understated or reserved but held-back, as if very little lies between her and frustrated implosion. She sings “Let me put on a show for your daddy…let me put on a show for you tiger”, a verse that could be mistaken as disdainful toward her listener, but rather is a simple recognition of the performative nature of the postmodern life. Del Ray seems to simultaneously crave the spotlight and despise everything about it–a characteristic that is sure to get her the very attention she loves, hates and loves to hate. And she probably knows it.


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