Lower Dens – Brains

January 31, 2012

The word atmospheric often gets thrown around when discussing Lower Dens and their debut album, Twin-Hand Movement. It’s a good descriptor–Jana Hunter and co. use their fuzzed-out, twangy guitars and low-fi vocals as a means to a somewhat ambient end–but it doesn’t quite capture what it is that separates Lower Dens from a lot of formulaic new-wave, shoe-gaze. “Brains”, a track off the upcoming album Nootropics, displays the bands ability to both create the atmosphere of Twin-Hand Movement, but also fill that sonic space with actual substance. The frantic drums combined with the mantric vocals of “Brains” are reminiscent of the energy of M83’s Hurry up, we’re Dreaming, but still possess that signature Lower Dens darkness. Nootropics is due out May 1st.


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