The xx – Open Eyes (demo)

January 1, 2012

Without ever raising their voice above a whisper, without ever pushing their tempo past easy, The XX manage to deliver emotionally charged and cialis 10mg romantically urgent music. It’s as if they want the release, to communicate their frustrations with life’s unfulfilled promises, but know that they have to keep their voices down so as not to wake some sleeping lover in the next room. And that’s what defines The XX–a desperation for answers in the middle of the night that can’t wait till morning. On “Open Eyes”, it’s just Romy Madley Croft’s voice and the usual nocturnal ambiance of the XX, but it’s a more stripped-down and naked presentation. It doesn’t have the hook or the bounce of a lot of the tracks on their hit debut album, but the feeling of emptiness and subsequent craving to be filled and fulfilled is still resonant.


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