Of Montreal – Dour Percentage

January 9, 2012

In an indie-rock landscape that generally rewards the subtle and reserved artistic expression of introverts, it’s no surprise that the popularity of Of Montreal has waxed and waned since their 1996 conception. The notion that rock can be an arena for theatrics is an antiquated one that may have died a long time ago with the passing of Freddy Mercury. But Kevin Barnes is a son of theatrical rock and, while Of Montreal’s popular reception may rise and fall with the times, they are a wildly consistent source of really good vaudevillian, psychedelic indie-rock. “Dour Percentage” is a bombastic track that feels like it could be the opening number of a good rock opera. It overtly draws on such shockingly antediluvian sources for inspiration that you could play this tune for the baby-boomer generation and they wouldn’t bat an eye.


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