Sleigh Bells – Comeback Kid

January 23, 2012

Sometimes when you hear the chainsaw-crunchy guitar riffs of Derek Miller, all you can do is laugh. It’s just a sonic mentality of bombast that is so unapologetic and unadulterated that it can border on total absurdity. Listen to the opening of “Comeback Kid”–it sounds more like the intro to your proverbial Mortal Kombat video game than the intro to a palatable noise-indie-rock song. But then Alexis Krauss’ energetic, poppy vocals chime in, and suddenly the track is transformed into something else entirely–a catchy arena-pop song that has become signature Sleigh Bells. It’s a balancing act–the mix of hard and soft, noise and rhythm–but one that Miller and Krauss approach with just the right combination of reckless-abandon and care.