Zola Jesus – In Your Nature (David Lynch Remix)

January 10, 2012

David Lynch has always been a force of dissolution–breaking down the idiosyncrasies of life and culture until their very cores are exposed, and the result, like staring at the sun, isn’t always easy to look at. So, when given a chance to remix a Zola Jesus track, it’s no surprise that he broke the sucker down to its bare parts and built it back up from scratch. He turns a dance tune into something that feels like it’s passed through a molasses lined filter, slowing the beat to a trudge-through-the-mud pace and deleting certain drum and synth patches completely. It’s a total reinvention and yet, it feels entirely true to the evocations of the original track. Lynch is an artist who exists in another ontological space than the rest of us, and the fact that he’s still able to produce art in various mediums that we are able to relate to, at least in some respect, is truly astounding.