Bonnie “Prince” Billy & Mariee Sioux – Loveskulls

February 24, 2012

Will Oldham isn’t interested in tackling the trivial in his music — leave the frivolous, baby-bite lyrical themes like love and heartbreak to the other guys. This is an artist who tries to elucidate the unelucidatable, capture the uncapturable and stretch the limits of what his medium can do. Sure, that might sound a bit overwrought, but Oldham, when he’s at his best, really is a boundary-pusher; one of the industry’s most virtuosic and prolific artists. Fresh off the release of Wolfroy Goes To Town, Oldham has teamed up with Mariee Sioux to release a double seven inch titled Bonnie & Mariee. “Loveskulls” is somewhat sonically predictable, but when it comes to desperately impassioned and painfully honest folk, no one does it quite as well as Bonnie “Prince” Billy.