Bright Moments – Tourists

February 22, 2012

It’s no surprise that Kelly Pratt’s tunes feel like syntheses of select pockets of the indie-rock landscape–a little Beirut here, a little Arcade Fire there, and maybe just a sprinkle of St. Vincent throughout–mostly because the guy has worked with just about everyone.

But, with that said, it would be wrong to think of Pratt as merely a collagist who picks and chooses from a buffet of market-tested sonic tricks. “Tourists” is a track that has all the generic tropes of a Zach Condon ballad, but Pratt brings the eastern-european romance to a new arena, allowing it to exist in space where it isn’t stifled by the confines of Beirut’s sonic niche. Natives, a release via Luaka Bop, feels both familiar and fresh, and should cement Pratt as more than a behind-the-scenes influencer, but a star in his own right.


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