Jack White – Love Interruption

February 4, 2012

Generically, Jack White exists in a universe with a population of one. Sure, he’s a throwback, channeling Robert Plant and a whole generation of axe-slashers, but in today’s cultural landscape, what really sets White apart from the rest is his bombast. More than just a blues influenced garage rocker, Jack White is a rock persona in the retro sense–almost so ungrounded in this world that he feels like a fictitious character. “Love Interruption” is so cool and so daring that it could only come from a personality like White. The mix is comprised of nothing but keyboard, guitar and, most surprisingly, some woodwind, but when the track ends, the taste left in your mouth will be colored by White’s vocals and the subtle harmonies of Ruby Amanfu. Upcoming album Blunderbuss is due out April 24th, and as the first release under Jack White’s name, it will certainly be an formative work in the creation of what is becoming one of rock music’s great artistic legacies.


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