Matthew Dear – In The Middle (I Met You There)

February 1, 2012

Regardless of what tempo Matthew Dear settles in, his avant-pop always feels strangely nocturnal, meant to be listened to on dark walks through urban jungles. It’s not just that Black City, the title of Dear’s breakthrough 2010 album, evokes exactly that type of scene, but that Dear’s tracks all feel vaguely haunted, as if they were once normal but now exist as warped and darkened incarnations of their former selves. “In the Middle (I Met You There)” is brighter than anything on Dark City, but with Jonny Pierce’s stretched-out, drugged-out vocals and a mix that can be best described as panicky funk, it still possess the sonically twisted atmosphere that we’ve come to expect from Matthew Dear. His EP, Headcage, came out January 17th.


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