Romona Falls – Spore

February 17, 2012

Although Mines got some love in the blogosphere, Menomena could still be called one of the more under-appreciated bands of the last decade; they are prolific, dynamic and have a sound that is entirely their own, and yet they seem to slip through the cracks of our sonic consciousness–seriously, when was the last time you opened iTunes so that you could blast a Menomena track? Well, frontman Brent Knopf is taking things in a new direction, playing under a new moniker, Ramona Falls, and following up their 2009 release, Intuit, with an album called Prophet, due out May 1st. “Spore” is the first release of the album and, if it’s any indication, the upcoming LP will feature more of the hauntingly delicate vocal stylings that helped define Menomena.


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