Alex Winston – The Fold

March 14, 2012

With all the bombast of Sufjan Stevens at his best and all the symphonic ambition of Joanna Newsome at her boldest, Alex Winston debuts King Con–a collection of unadulterated but deliberate indie-pop. Winston’s vocal idiosyncrasies might be what draw you in at first, but it’s the craftsmanship of the composition that’ll keep you coming back, not to mention the seemingly bottomless well of energy that colors each note and pop of the snare. “The Fold” is a relentless track, off to the races before you even notice the light has turned green, but it settles into a catchy nook and eventually builds toward a rewarding climax. There’s a lot going on in these three and a half minutes, but things somehow never feel overcrowded or chaotic. On the contrary, the track’s complexity is one of its strengths, for it simply feels like the result of Winston’s organic excitement rather than a consequence of an artist trying to do a bit too much.