Bobby Womack – Please Forgive My Heart

March 16, 2012

Bobby Womack’s earlier work is pretty generically predictable, but infused with his gritty, exasperatedly soulful vocal delivery, it somehow finds a place in your ear’s heart. But “Please Forgive My Heart,” the first cut released off of new album The Bravest Man in the Universe, is really a whole ‘nother animal. Everything about it feels somewhat, for lack of a better word, “off.” The tempo, the beats, the continuity between Womack’s vocals and the electro-soul mix–it all seems strangely mismatched and incongruent. But, maybe what’s even stranger is that it all totally works, and it’s not because Womack’s classic vocals act as a linchpin but because producers Damon Albarn and Richard Russell don’t try to do too much. It’s a sparse track, and it’s that sparseness that allows the unique sonic awkwardness of “Please Forgive My Heart” to take center stage.


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