Daniel Rossen – Golden Mile

March 15, 2012

While Daniel Rossen’s Silent Hour/Golden Mile may feel a bit like glorified bedroom jams–the scraps that were left on the table after the feast that was Veckatimest–it would be foolish to relegate the EP as valueless. This five-song release might not offer the deliberate and precise craftsmanship that lies at the heart of the success of Rossen’s Grizzly Bear or Department of Eagles, but it brings other rewards to the table. “Saint Nothing” gives us a dressed-down peek at an artist we usually only get to sneak glances at from behind a ton of sonic layers. Similarly, “Golden Mile” feels utterly spontaneous, the result of a process far simpler and unmediated than the one that brought us albums like Veckatimist or In Ear Park. With that said, this EP, more than an enjoyable end in its self, serves as a reminder that whenever Rossen and (insert collaborator X) decide to release their next polished and wholly conceptualized work, it’s sure to be a treat.