Lotus Plaza – Strangers

March 20, 2012

While Deerhunter frontman, Bradford Cox, seems to be lashing-out against his band’s newfound indie-mainstream popularity by shoving himself back into the margins through wonderfully insane behavior, lead guitarist, Lockett Pundt, is quickly becoming a solo artist in his own right. Recent release, The Floodlight Collective, is a collage of works that fall under a generic umbrella that can be described as shoegazing-noise. “Stangers” features Pundt’s idiosyncratically flat vocal delivery, laid over a mix of guitar riffs that are going to sound deliciously familiar to any fans of Halcyon Digest. It’s an impressive debut for this side-project, and is sure to offer some sort of satiation for those jonzing for a Deerhunterian fix.


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