Alabama Shakes – I Found You

April 25, 2012

With an ear for blues rock and the sweet, nostalgic vocals of Britanny Howard, Alabama Shakes have hooks that are being whistled by most of the pedestrians walking down the streets of Brooklyn these days. Forget the feel-good story of this small-time band that has found stardom; let’s focus on the music minus the context. “I Found You” starts off with an attitude of unabashed and almost playful confidence before building into a good old-fashion, impassioned barnburner. Howard belts and coos like she has been here before, and is able to match the energy of a mix that is overflowing with sonic power and bombast. On an album that is the subject of a lot of buzz right now, this is probably the track with the most depth and, maybe more importantly, it’s also just a shitload of fun.

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