White Denim – Get Back To Love

April 10, 2012

On the surface, it may seem like a bit of an odd pairing — White Denim’s garage-psych and R. Kelly’s epic and dramatic lyrical stylings — but if you listen to an album like Last Day of Summer carefully, you’ll realize that there is enough connective tissue to make this work. White Denim is a band that born out of the same kind of romantic longing that fuels the croons that have gotten R. Kelly laid for the last few decades. All it takes is some impressive generic tightrope walking from the four-piece band from Austin — a funky baseline here and some whiny guitar licks there — and that gives James Petralli enough to turn White Denim into a band with some soul. Sure, it’s not the sort of “soul” that’s gonna melt hearts in the way R. Kelly can, but it’s a rewarding experiment from a band that doesn’t get enough attention these days.

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