How To Dress Well – Ocean Floor For Everything

May 24, 2012

Something special happens at 1:42 in this track: it’s as if all the ethereally drugged-out tension that builds on every How To Dress Well tune is suddenly released in a moment of unadulterated R&B bliss. Tension-and-release is a foundational element of all music, and Tom Krell uses the mechanism with such a delicate and deliberate touch, building sonic dams and then slowly poking holes in the walls, allowing the sweet spillage to flow where it may. “Ocean Floor For Everything” is aptly named, as the ambient, slow-mo, reverb-soaked sound feels a bit other-worldly, or even like it was recorded a couple leagues under the sea. It’s the first release off of the upcoming sophomore album Total Loss, which is sure to be, if anything, a rewarding listen.


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