Icona Pop – I Love It

May 14, 2012

For years now, the summer season has been dominated by nostalgic, topically sunny and dreamy pop/rock. Drop into your proverbial indie coffee shop and let the sonic ocean waves of Tennis, Best Coast or Beach House roll over you. Well, on “I Love It,” Icona Pop plants a stick of dynamite into that trend, steps back and then hits the record button, and the result is a track of such unadulterated bombast and fun, it almost feels like it couldn’t have been born out of today’s musical climate. “I Love It” is, as the ladies of Icona Pop say, a 90’s anthem of sorts, but more than that, it’s a salute to a state-of-mind and a mentality that is, at its core, recklessly youthful. This is a track built for summer. As cliche as this sounds and is: pile the friends in the car, roll down the windows and blast this shit.


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