Tallest Man On The Earth – 1904

May 17, 2012

The Dylan comparisons get thrown around when talking about Kristian Matsson and his rough-around-the-edges vocals, penchant for poetics and classic folk grounding. But, as comparisons do, this one feels wrong the minute you try it on for size, for it shortchanges everyone involved. Matsson is certainly a descendent of the folkist tradition, playing with tropes that are even older than Guthrie and Seeger, and yet he never seems to feel claustrophobic in the confines of the genre. “1904”, like all Tallest Man on Earth tracks, is a folk song, but also like most Tallest Man on Earth tracks, there’s a bit more too it than that. It’s the subtle diversions from the generic base and Matsson’s totally unique vocal delivery that have allowed him to become a mainstay in the indie landscape.


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