The Walkmen – Heaven

May 8, 2012

The Walkmen have always had a knack for anthemic tracks that build until bursting — the kind of tunes that makes you want to run out into the street, grab the nearest pedestrian and plant a fat kiss on their lips. Most impressively, they are able to summon that kind of energy while keeping things simple. Take “Heaven,” the first track released off of an upcoming album of the same name, as an example; it doesn’t have a whole lot of moving parts, nor a multilayered message of any kind. Instead, Hamilton Leithauser and co. build around an epic chorus that feels like it was inspired by U2, and call it a day. The tinny guitar riff that drives the song could be pulled right out of a Real Estate album, but while The Walkmen are playing with modern sonic tropes, “Heaven” feels utterly old school.


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