Young Excursion – North

May 22, 2012

As Rhett Butler said in Gone With The Wind, “With enough courage, you can do without reputation.” Well, Young Excursion — a trio of collegians making music in Boston — has no reputation, and judging by tracks like “North”, there’s a wealth of creative courage in this band. It’s not that this track is groundbreaking in anyway or trying to push generic boundaries — that’s not what Young Excursion is trying to do here. It’s that they manage to gracefully resist the instinct of doing “too much,” choosing instead to let Maeve Bell-Thorton’s vocals fill the canvas that their simple composition provides. It’s tough to elucidate, but there’s something sonically endearing about this band. They are simultaneously youthful and mature, energetic and relaxed — the result is a sound that feels developed, and yet chockfull of potential.


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