Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Baby

June 14, 2012

Talk about a curveball: Ariel Pink follows up his most accessible and palatable album, Before Today, not with a return to form — you know, that patented uber-low-fi, almost hokey take on some chronologically unplaceable version of psychedelic pop — but with a cover of the Joe and Donny Emerson’s “Baby” that is said to be a single from his upcoming album, Mature Themes. Predictably unpredictable, Ariel Pink is either releasing this one while giggling behind gritted teeth or with complete sincerity. Either way, it’s an absolutely beautiful track that is true to the original incarnation of the song but still dripping with bits of Pink’s dark and twisted sonic tricks. Even while he may have his tongue in his cheek, Ariel Pink has still got serious soul.