Fiona Apple – Daredevil

June 20, 2012

Even in her most composed moments, when she radiates an almost cruel confidence or a maniacal calculatedness, you can feel Fiona Apple’s utter desperation. Sometimes she screams and sometimes she sings so playfully that you feel almost toyed with — as if she’s saying, “What? You’re actually taking this seriously?” But every side of Apple’s sonic personality is born out of the same place; every syllable sung shares a common origin. In Daredevil, there is a breakdown at 1:47 when she cries “Seek me out/look at, look at, look at, look at me.” In short, Apple is an artist caught in the middle, suspended between the urge to sing and the urge to be silent, the desire to be someone and the desire to be no one. Clearly, as she has just released another album and is sure to receive more attention than ever, one of those instincts won out over the other. But that doesn’t mean the Apple has to like it.


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