Magic Wands – Teenage Love

June 1, 2012

Although teenage love — the concept, not the song — is, by its very nature, ephemeral and fleeting, that doesn’t mean it should be taken lightly. Sure, it is usually not thoughtful love or even societally defined “true love,” but teenage love is strangely, in its blindness, more perfect than any other kind of love and more true to the romantic ideal. On this track, Magic Wands, the synth-pop duo of Dexy and Chris Valentine, write an ode to teenage love, and it’s full of all the insatiability that comes along with the yearning of youth that anyone who has ever been sixteen can understand. When Dexy croons, it sounds like moans that are born out of pure want — a hormone-infused, ravenous hunger. Magic Wands’ Aloha Moon came out in April and is certainly worth a full listen.


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