The Tallest Man On Earth – There's No Leaving Now

June 13, 2012

There’s a juvenile simplicity to the Tallest Man on Earth — a lack of sophistication and an earnestness that is the trademark of a folk tradition that is far older than Kristian Matsson himself. With wide eyes and an open heart, Matsson takes on the world, and the result varies from cocksure bombast (“King of Spain”) to pained withdrawal (“Kids on the Run”). On new album, There’s No Leaving Now, the themes remain the same but the tools vary slightly. With the introduction of some drums, woodwinds and, on the title track, a balladic piano, Matsson has us walking down well-worn and known paths that seem utterly fresh and new. “There’s No Leaving Now” features just Matson’s vocals — a rasp that sounds as if it’s being played through a tin can telephone — and some sparse piano, but again, Matsson recognizes that empty space can be as powerful as noise. With another strong album, it’s clear that Tallest Man on Earth is one of the most consistent and prolific acts around.


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